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Indian Maid Products Inc. was gifted
this unit'sproduction by the man who
first put the terminals of this kind of electronic health aid
on the box,
in an effort to make a dent in
the abysmal economic statistics
of US Indigenous People, since he - like you, didn't have time to sit around holding rods so the unit could do its work.

Later, he told me he "didn't have time to play with his airplanes" and we needed
a source of income for
The Church of the Helping Hand, Inc,
the 501c3 170c2
Indian Maid Products Inc exists to support so the Church wouldn't have to exist on
a donations-based budget.
We talked about our situations and he offered us the manufacture of these units.

All of the varieties of "zappers" we make
use this unit for their base.

All have the same electronic circuitry,
the same 20-Hz square-wave output signal
(very healing!),
& the same workhorse reliability.

The military of various nations have successfully investigated very-low-frequency signals at high power as weapons.
The same frequency - put out by the Annihilator, Revitalizer & BZapr, at low power, works as a weapon for you - defending you from bacteria, fungi, viruses, and the venom of stinging insects, to name a few.

As your purchases heal you,
they support the Church of the Helping Hand, Inc in its mission
to help heal the Sacred Hoop.

In Lakota, this is called o'kiciyapi
or 'helping each other'.
Always a win-win!

News from Science Blog:

On June 2, 2016, we found this article:
"Finely-Tuned Electrical Fields Give Wound-Healing A Jolt"
"A new research report appearing in the June 2016 issue of the Journal of Leukocyte Biology, opens up the possibility that small electrical currents might activate certain immune cells to jumpstart or speed wound healing. This discovery, made by a team of scientists..."

We who use this "zapper" technology, originally developed by such as Dr. Reich and Dr. Beck, already know that use of our units jump-starts wound healing; along with other kinds of healing.

We include this information for any skeptics in the crowd.
Thank you for your interest!
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