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An article published June 2, 2016 in
the Journal of Leukocyte Biology states,
".. application of finely-tuned electrical fields to wound areas appears to speed healing."

The ANNIHILATOR produces a 'finely-tuned electrical signal (or field)' - in the frequency range known to speed healing.

Our leader made and burst a blister on her hand while working in the garden.
Ordinarily it would take over 24 hours for such a wound to scab over for her.

She was wearing her ANNIHILATOR, however,
and it only took about 12 hours for this wound to scab over.

Worth thinking about, wouldn't you say?

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A 2nd article, published in another scientific article in June, 2016, states that '..researchers have found that the body hair of bees acts like an antenna, picking up the electrical signals flowers emit, thus enabling the bees to find more nectar sources'.

Lakota - and other Indigenous Nations - Traditional Teaching about hair & fur is that they are an antenna.

The majority culture's science catches up with our ancient knowledge a bit more, again! :-)

This article thus acknowledges our contention at Indian Maid that you do not 'have" to clip or shave an area in order to use any of our zappers on your fur-people.

Fur, after all, is another name for 'hair'.  From the Traditional perspective, then,

all those little antennas in a pelt work together to intensify the signal and/or to spread it thru the fur-people's bodies faster and more thoroughly.


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A note about using the ANNIHILATOR for VNS
(see the right-hand column of this page)
We've made a special instruction sheet for this use of the ANNIHILATOR because location of the terminal is precise.  If you want this instruction sheet, be sure to mention it when you order.
Thank you!

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Yet another article, published in a 3rd scientific publication in June, 2016,
spoke about VNS - Vagus/Vagal Nerve Stimulation & the encouraging results the researchers saw in the areas of

decreased whole-body inflammation,

which results in
decreased arthritis pain.
with accompanying decreased stiffness in arthritis sufferers!
(Or if you prefer, improved flexibility for arthritis sufferers)

as well as decreased depression in both arthritis patients and depression patients.

The article said the researchers currently use an implanted device to stimulate the vagus, wrapping wire from it around the left-side branch ( only).
(The right-side branch of the vagus connects with the heart, so we advise you not to work with it.)

The article said the researchers are searching for a non-implant device to use for VNS, since implanting means surgery, and surgery has risks of infection and rejection.
Also, if the VNS unit does not work for the patient, another surgery is required to remove the implant.
Look up the cost of these surgeries - it wanders between
$40,000 - $50,000! Each.

It makes far more sense to us to use The ANNIHILATOR at a mere $50 to try VNS without the surgery.
You may find it works so well you don't need the surgery.
Your insurance company will favor that!
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Our leader has been using her ANNHILATOR on her left-side vagus (where it comes close to the surface of her neck) since July 6, 2016.

She reports:
noticeably less pain and stiffness from her bone spurs (a form of arthritis)
and noticeably less depression, grumpiness,
and greater endurance from greatly-diminished pain.

Over time, she has seen an increase of 'carry-over effect', so if she doesn't wear her Annihilator for VNS for a day, she still has no pain from bone spurs in her left hip, she isn't as stiff as she used to be, and she is more flexible.

She rests better when she sleeps and she wakes up less often during the night to use the bathroom.

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You might want to try using your ANNIHILATOR for Vagus Nerve Stimulation and see if you have less pain,
less stiffness, better mood, greater endurance, etc!

If you do, we'd love to hear your results!

Keep in mind, we take no responsibility for what you do with any of our products, including The ANNIHILATOR.

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But we believe the researchers don't need to search any further.  We believe The ANNIHILATOR is the answer they've been searching for.

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