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Your Pleasure -
Do It


Later, Rev Ted saw that 'his people', especially the men,
lacked good jeans and good boots for working.

He wrote to several jeans manufacturers and Blue Bell responded.  As with the oatmeal, the company said it would be happy to help and Rev Ted watched the mail for a check or purchase order.
As before, a semi pulled up to the Church building -
full of blue jeans.
There was only 1 catch.  Blue Bell has sent all 1 size.
There must be some really skinny tall men in Tennessee - the jeans were all size 28 X 34.
Rev Ted being a natural trader, he talked local merchants into trading 2 pairs of the jeans that now stuffed the building, storages, and his mother's garage for 1 pair of whatever size a man needed.

Next Rev Ted saw that his people needed good work boots -
especially in the wet cold months.
He wrote to several boot companies, and the LaCrosse Boot Company responded that it would be happy to help.
Yes, Rev Ted watched the mail for a check or a purchase order for some time, and instead got a semi-load of boots.
Also all one size.
Again, Rev Ted got local merchants to trade his boots for whatever size a given man needed.

Rev Ted went to his reward on January 11, 1993,
but before he did, he made his Personal Troubleshooter,
the Rev. Carel Two-Eagle, the next Presiding Bishop of 'his' Church.

When he did it, via his will, she was shocked and exclaimed, "But Ted! I know nothing about running a corporation!"
He replied, "Not to worry!  I'll be around for awhile yet.  I'll teach you everything you need to know."

Sure he would.  You know as well as we how that went.. He said he was going to take a little nap right after he signed his will there in the hospice.
Instead of a nap, he went into a coma,
and went on to the Spirit World 27 hours later.

The Rev Carel has been figuring things out ever since. ;-)

Since she attracts controversy like flowers attract bees,
both she and the Church have been the focus of attacks
by bigots ever since.

In 2015, after she and the Four Winds Congregation of the Church had spent 15 years slaving to rehab an abandoned property in North Dakota,
a group of elected and hired officials and some private citizens joined with a corrupt judge
and stole the Church's property and destroyed some $3million in invested time, money, and materials.

We are currently searching for land and a pro bono or contingency civil rights law firm
to get us justice under Title 18 of federal law -
depriving the citizens of their civil rights
under color of law.

Donations to our Church are always
tax-deductible and infinitely welcome.

Mitakuye oiasin (mee-TAH-koo-yeh oh-ee-AH-seenh)
All {are} my relatives.
We are each always either part of the problem
or part of the solution.
There is no middle ground.
Thank you for hearing us in a good way now.


The Church of the Helping Hand, Inc. is a 501c3 170 c2, which means it is tax-exempt and all donations to it are tax-deductible.
(If you have a yen to support a good organization, feel free to support us!  90% of donations go to support the Church and its Mission (i.e., work) of helping heal the Sacred Hoop)

The Church of the Helping Hand, Inc. was started
in May of 1972 by the Reverend Ted Wagner.
Rev Ted, as he was known, wanted to do Something Helpful for working poor people in his area -
especially men, and eventually, the majority culture
being what it is, he saw a need to establish
this Church - where we worship by helping others.

Rev Ted had a gift for getting donations,
and there are some very funny stories associated with
the donations he got.

Ours is a social-action Church.  We worship by helping others.
"Others" are not always human.
Churches like ours often attract 'unprofessional jealousy'
from 'mainstream'/supposedly-Xtian Churches.

Rev Ted & the Church of the Helping Hand, Inc. started the first
food pantry in the city where the Church was started.
The supposedly-Xtian churches responded by siccing the
health department on us - not by establishing more food pantries.  Our facilities passed all inspections easily.

Rev Ted & the Church of the Helping Hand, Inc. started the first
cltohing pantry in the city where the Church was started.
The supposedly-Xtian churches responded by siccing the
health department on us - not by establishing more clothing pantries.  Our facilities passed all inspections easily.

There was more, but you see the picture.

Anyway - Early on, Rev Ted saw that working poor people seldom got any breakfast, let alone a good hot one, so
he asked Quaker Oats if it would donate to the Church so
it could get oatmeal and make hot oatmeal available
to anyone who wanted it.
Quaker said it would be happy to help, and Rev Ted
watched the mail for over a week, looking for a check.
What Quaker sent was not a check, or even
a purchase order.
It sent a semi-full of oatmeal!
With help, Rev Ted stuffed the Church building from basement to attic, its garage, various storages, even his mother's garage!
But "Ted's People" got free hot breakfasts.
For a long time.
Quaker Oats is still on our prayer list
(as, of course, are all who donate to us).

You've heard about our originating Bishop, so now we will
tell you about our current Bishop.

We've only had two - the Rev. Ted Wagner, from
May 1972 to January 11, 1993, and
the Rev. Carel Two-Eagle, from
January 11, 1993 at the moment of Ted's passing through now and until she passes on to the Spirit World.

The Rev Two-Eagle is a Traditional Lakota person.
She Sun Dances a very public prayer called The Four Winds.
As a result, she is said to "Walk with a Pipe".  This means 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.  The Holy Pipe is properly called a Ch'annunpa.
(Say, "chah-NOONh-pah".  The Nh indicates a nasal n as in French.)

Contrary to popular myth, not all Pipe Keepers are diplomats.
Sometimes, 'peace-making' is done by battling.
Since the prayer of The Four Winds is a prayer to heal
the Sacred Hoop, and healing is about battling evil spirits,
(evil spirits cause dis-ease), she is not:
shy, retiring, or a diplomat.  She is a long-time old-fashion street-fighter.  For anyone who has a problem with this concept,we refer you to "Joan of Arc" & similar.

She has been in business since she was 5, when she started a business as a scribe, since she could read & write since she was 3-1/2.
This got her expelled "for showing too much initiative for an Ndn kid".
Which is pretty much how her life has gone. ;-)
<< * >>
The adults expected her to apologize, but since she had done nothing wrong in offering a scribe service (for pay at 10cents/week/child, no limit on the number of pieces signed & they could change handwriting styles any time),
she refused.

Thus, the expulsion.  Eventually, she was forced by threat of a beating with a belt, which would have happened, to apologize. She said she would, "under strong protest".
The adults said they didn't care, just so she apologized.
They didn't ask her what she was going to say.

  She said, "Originally, you all thought it was really nifty to have another kid sign your artwork instead of the teacher.  Then the adults pulled the wool over your eyes & persuaded you I had done something wrong & now you're all angry.  I'm sorry you let them pull the wool over your eyes & convince you wrongly, but since I did nothing wrong, I'm not sorry for anything I did."

Then she crossed her arms over her chest as the adults were doing, looked them square in the eye (very rude, in Ndn Ways) & said, "And that is as good as it gets".
The adults were stunned.

  The foster father said he should have asked what she was going to say.  She replied, "But you didn't.  I kept my end of the deal.  Is your word good or not?"  He replied, "Kid, you're going to be a lawyer."  She shot back, "Huh-unh!  I'm going to be in business!  Business is fun!"  She's been there ever since.

In order to take the Church's financial base to something more solid than begging & donations alone, she built Indian Maid Products Inc to support it.  Since she has built a number of businesses over her life, it was logical to do this, and now you know how we got here.
Not without controversy, of course, but that's another tale.

When you donate to the Church, or purchase from Indian Maid, o'kiciyapi (OH!-kee-chee-yah-pee) occurs; that is, "helping each other", in Lakota Ways.  In the majority culture, it is called "win-win".  Isn't that fun?  We think so!  Pilamiyaye! / Thank you!