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About Indian Maid Products Incorporated

  Indian Maid Products Incorporated was started in 2000 in response to urging by a handful of far-sighted legislators in North Dakota.  They believed that if Indian Maid's founder incorporated, and they lent their names to the  Board of Directors, Indian Maid would be "a shoo-in" for a business-development grant from
the state's only grant-making agency.

  Racism being a fact of life in the US, more so in every state with a large Native population, not only were we turned down for a grant (3x), our founder was told such 'stuff' as, "Everyone on the Commission knows there's no such thing as an Indian, let alone an Indian female, who could write a grant this powerful. 
Why didn't you put the grant-writer's name on it?"

When our founder pointed out that the legislators who were listed on the Board of Directors had all read the grant application and cheered it, along with the House Majority leader at that time, the Commission's chair said, "Everyone on the Commission knows there's no such thing as an Indian female who could know legislators well enough to have them on a Board of Directors".

When our founder pointed out that the cell phone numbers of the Board members were listed in the grant and would be happy to answer any calls, the Commission's chair said, "We don't need to call them." and refused to get the facts.

Eventually, the Commission's chair said, "I don't ever want to make a grant to any company whose Mission Statement says it means to provide jobs for Indians."  By that time, the Chair's name was Butts.  At least it was spelled right..

When our founder rebutted Chair Butts' bigotry with facts - 6x - and got the same answer every time - "You're Indians!" - our founder asked Ms Butts if she was familiar with the terms "discrimination, racism, illegal, and lawsuit" and they shut the meeting down on the premise that they had just that minute run out of time.  Isn't serendipity amazing?

We don't take "No" for an answer at Indian Maid, and while it has been & continues to be an uphill strive to survive, not to mention thrive, we are still here, providing culturally-appropriate job opportunities and examples for Native people in the Northern Great Plains to build humble pride of accomplishment and soul power while making a dent in poverty and welfare - which eat souls -  and providing a financial base for the 501c3 170c2 non-denominational non-sectarian
Church of the helping Hand, Inc. so it doesn't have to depend on handouts to survive.

Your purchases support all of these worthy endeavors as The ANNIHILATOR and our other great products heal you.

This is a win-win situation, and in Lakota is called "o'kichiyapi" (OH! kee-chee-yah-pee) - helping each other.
Together, they help heal the Sacred Hoop.

Thank you for your help with this great work!
<< Mitakuye oiasin - All {are} my relatives. >>

About our Logo
Logos tell stories - or they should.  They evoke thought pictures.
The green outer circle of ours says "everything about Indian Maid Products Inc is green".
Everyone knows how determined and creative squirrels are about getting the seeds out of bird feeders - and this one - like us at Indian Maid - doesn't take "no" for an answer.
The original picture was taken near our digs.
  Winter - too often a time of stiffness, increased pain, and general misery.
But with The ANNIHILATOR, you no longer 'have' to hide from winter!
Tape the 4 terminals where you need them, put the little black box with the 9v alkaline battery where you want it, and get out and enjoy!

  Remember, The ANNIHILATOR was developed by our founder so she could enjoy all 4 seasons -
not just the warm ones.
  She has bone spurs around her left hip joint from a lifetime of working and playing hard.
She says, "I earned my spurs!  Unfortunately, they're bone.  I had a great time getting like this - it's just not a lot of fun being like this. Or it wasn't, until

Now, instead of gaining pounds of unhealthy fat in the winter, she stays active and doesn't gain an ounce!
The company Grand Poobah - Chakli - likes it too!
He gets walked lots every day in the winter, now, rather than having terminal boredom like he used to.

The ANNIHILATOR not only relieves pain,
it promotes better health by freeing you
to get gentle healthy exercise all year long!
Another win-win!  More o'kiciyapi!
Fish with friends...
Young or old, fishing and the great outdoors are a joy to behold - any time of year!